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    *falls over* STILL one of my fave fics! I’ve read up to the point where it’s left off so many times I nearly know it by...
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    ((I hear your on not reading fanfic in favor of RP— it’s so addicting because it’s like a never-ending “real time”...
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    OOC: I agree with Aura XD I miss that fanfic D: It was getting to the good part ;o; tumblr really has distracted us XD...
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    OOC: OH MY GOD THIS. THIS LOOKS AMAZING. I’m totally speechless… Scarlet, please, write more about Blue Prince!
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    [I LOVE THIS OH GOD ITS GREAT! TINA STOP I CANT!!!! ;;; OMG. I need to write more of this;; I do miss it so. D: ]
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